How to get to Paros Greece ? 2022

How to get to Paros Greece Island ? Paros is a rather popular Greek island that attracts many visitors from all over the world for their summer vacations. It is located in the Cyclades and it’s famous for its vivid character.

Holidays in Paros are ideal for travelers of all ages, but it is mostly preferred by students and large groups. Getting to Paros is very easy and you can find many flights and ferry routes from either the ports of Athens or other Greek islands. Keep reading to find which is the easiest way to get to Paros.

Ferry or Flight to Paros?
You can easily get to Paros by ferry or plane. Even though flights tend to be shorter, traveling by ferry has its advantages.

Read below some of the key benefits of reaching Paros by ferry:

Ferry traveling is more comfortable and the best way to get in the mood for your holidays in the Mediterranean.
By taking the ferry to Paros, you can bring along your vehicle and explore every corner of the island on your own.
Traveling by ferry is far more environmentally friendly. Learn more about sustainable ferry travel on Ferryhopper.
Sea traveling is safer in the context of Covid-19, as you can sit on the open-air deck and practice social distancing with ease.
Boats at Naoussa, Paros

Boats at the picturesque Naoussa settlement of Paros

How to get to Paros from Athens
You can find frequent ferry routes and flights from Athens to Paros from all of its ports and its international airport. Discover below how to get to Paros from Athens either by ferry or airplane.

Ferry from Athens to Paros
As mentioned, all 3 ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina, Lavrion) are connected to Paros. Due to its popularity, this ferry connection is served rather frequently, mostly in the summer.

Piraeus – Paros: the ferry route from Piraeus to Paros is active year-round with daily crossings. In summer, there are over 3-4 ferry departures per day that are usually operated by 3 companies: Blue Star Ferries, Seajets and Golden Star Ferries.

The duration of the ferry ride is about 3.5-5 hr, depending on the company and type of vessel. The price of a standard ferry ticket for the Piraeus – Paros trip starts at around €30-40.

Rafina – Paros: the ferry route from Rafina to Paros runs in the summer with up to 4 daily departures. The ferry companies that usually serve this crossing are Seajets, Blue Star Ferries, Fast Ferries and Golden Star Ferries.

The duration of the ferry trip ranges from 3 to 6.5 hr, as there are both high-speed and conventional ferries. A standard ferry ticket costs approximately €35-55.

Lavrion – Paros: there is 1 weekly ferry crossing from the port of Lavrion to Paros, mainly in the summer. The ferry company that operates this route is Blue Star Ferries with the conventional vessel Artemis. The ferry trip lasts around 7 hr and the ferry ticket price is €20.

Flight from Athens to Paros
There are frequent flights from Athens International Airport to the island of Paros year-round. The duration of the flight is around 40 min and the airport in Paros is located 10km from its capital, Parikia.

Tip: keep in mind that you need to pre-book your plane tickets well in advance in order to find better prices. There is also a strict luggage policy regarding the weight of your bags.

White alley in Paros

The traditional white alleys of Paros

How to get to Paros from Mykonos
Mykonos is well-connected to Paros with several daily ferry crossings. The ferry route is usually operated by 5 companies: Seajets, Minoan Lines, Fast Ferries, Golden Star Ferries and Blue Star Ferries. The trip from Mykonos to Paros by ferry lasts 30 min to 1.5 hr, depending on the type of vessel you’ve chosen. The price of a standard ferry ticket starts at €30 and can go up to €70.

Note: at the moment, there are no direct flights from Mykonos to Paros. All flights have Athens as an intermediate stop.

How to get to Paros from Santorini
You can easily travel by ferry from Santorini to Paros all year long. In the summer, you can find up to 5 daily crossings to Paros, operated by Seajets, Blue Star Ferries, Minoan Lines and Golden Star Ferries. The ferry ride between the two islands takes about 2 to 4 hr, depending on the type of vessel. Finally, the average cost for a single ferry ticket starts at €27.

Note: there are no direct flights from Santorini to Paros as well. All flights also have Athens as an intermediate stop.

The old port of Naoussa, Paros

Fishing boats at the old harbour of Paros

Getting to Paros from other islands
In the Cyclades, close to Paros, you can find other popular islands like Naxos, Syros, Ios and, of course, Antiparos. These destinations are great for island hopping to Paros on a low budget, as there are multiple ferry crossings with cheap ferry tickets.

You can find more island-hopping options and discover the best way to get to Paros by checking our interactive Map of Ferries.

Traveling to Paros from abroad
Interested in reaching Paros from abroad by plane? You have to catch a flight with Athens as an intermediate stop. For example, if you want to get to Paros from the United Kingdom, we recommend catching a flight to Athens and then traveling to Paros by ferry or plane.

Book ferry tickets to Paros
On Ferryhopper, you can find all available information on how to travel to Paros by ferry. Check our fare search engine and explore ferry routes, schedules and companies that serve crossings to the island. Compare prices and book ferry tickets to Paros online at no extra cost.

Tip: take a look at the latest updates on Greek ferry travel and Covid-19 as you plan the trip of your dreams!

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